September 2011

A Restructuring Success: The Inn of the Mountain Gods

By Valerie Red-Horse

Valerie Red-Horse

I recently had the pleasure of serving as the financial advisor for the Mescalero Apache Tribe with regard to the exchange offer restructure of its $200 million 12 percent bonds for the Inn of the Mountain Gods, the tribe’s casino resort property. It was a long, much awaited, publicly visible process, as well as one of the first successful win-win restructurings of bond debt in Indian country, with both the bondholders and the tribe coming away extremely satisfied with the results.

The Gaming Life: Frank Neborsky

By Taaren Haak

Taaren Haak

He’s the vice president of slot operations that helped build Mohegan Sun’s floor from the ground up. And with 30-plus years of gaming under his belt, he certainly knows his way around the business. So then why, upon meeting him, do people often say, “Oh, so you’re Frank Neborsky!?”

Bringing Sexy Back to Slot Tournaments, Part 3: Creating Compelling Content

By Jeff Jordan and Krista Reiner

Jeff Jordan and Krista Reiner

Do your slot tournament players like furiously hitting a bet button for five minutes at a time or longer? Do they ever pop ibuprofen to keep their strained wrists and tired hands ready for the next round? The truth is, slot tournament content is painfully boring. But like you’ve heard us say before, it’s not your fault. You’re doing the best you can with the tools available. However, we think there is hope.

Community and Progressive Slots, September 2011

By N/A


This month's new community and progressive slots include Godzilla on Monster Island™ Video Slots from IGT and WMS's THE WIZARD OF OZ™: Journey to Oz.

Discounting Player Losses

By By Jim Kilby and Anthony F. Lucas

By Jim Kilby and Anthony F. Lucas

Discounts on loss were originally used to entice players to pay outstanding gambling debts. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, when few jurisdictions offered gambling, there were few premium players. Although the gaming action of these players pales in comparison to that of today’s high rollers, they were great players for their time.

A Different Look at “Go for Your Own”

By Mark Jones

Mark Jones

After reading Bill Zender’s article on allowing dealers to keep their own tips in the December 2010 issue of CEM, I felt the need respond. As a person who has dealt and managed in a “go for your own” tips environment, I know there are several aspects to consider before adopting (or abolishing) that system.

London’s Trade Show Scene

By Amanda Huggett

Amanda Huggett

London’s weather may be typically rainy and dark, but the city itself is quite bright in many other ways. This U.K. destination is a leading global city, with international business, culture, diversity and trends. No wonder it’s home to some of the best trade shows, with the International Casino Exhibition and EAG International Expo among them, representing the gaming and amusement industries, respectively.

Latin American News Round-Up

By James Marrison

James Marrison

This month, a committee in Mexico is calling for an investigation into gaming licenses, a new gaming law could be in effect by December in Nicaragua, the number of illegal slot machines is on the rise in Uruguay and Argentina’s Trilenium Casino’s license has been extended.

Case Comment on Cohen v. Canada

By Stuart Hoegner

Stuart Hoegner

In early May of this year, before Justice Frank Pizzitelli of the Tax Court of Canada in Toronto, an appeal took place that once again tested whether the Income Tax Act will compel the inclusion of gaming winnings into—or allow the deduction of gaming losses from—the income of a taxpayer in Canada. Once again, the answer came back that Canadian courts are reluctant to bring gaming winnings, except under very specific circumstances, into the taxation net.

Where’s the Money? Part 3: Horizontal Innovation in Gaming Machines, Gaming Software and Casino Architecture

By Andrew Cardno and Dr. Ralph Thomas

Andrew Cardno and Dr. Ralph Thomas

In this installment of our "where is the money" series, we’ll give some specific examples of horizontal innovation that are available today and look into the future at what may yet be to come. First we look at horizontal innovation within a vertical.