White Papers

Check out these authoritative reports that address myriad problems and the ways to solve them as they relate to our industry.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) isn’t just a buzzword in the gaming industry — it’s a way of life. As part of its annual year-long “All In” campaign to highlight the industry’s ongoing CSR efforts, the American Gaming Association (AGA) conducts an in-depth survey to quantify the substantial philanthropic contributions made by commercial gaming companies. The “All In” campaign debuted in 2012, making 2013 the second year the AGA has spearheaded such an effort...

Increased competition in the gaming industry has resulted in the need for casinos to position their brand and identify player segments that will be most receptive. A casino’s image is an important part of their overall business strategy and goes a long way towards attracting and retaining players. As the competition in gaming grows fiercer, casinos should analyze their player demographics and interact with them by using the most effective motivational tools.

This white paper is the first in a series. In this first installment, the Actual Cost of a $5 Free-Play Incentive, as it relates to how much ‘Required Theoretical Investment’ a player has to play to earn that incentive is evaluated at all properties in one local market. Also evaluated are the implications of this cost when adding Free-Play incentives and multiplicative point promotions relative to overall reinvestment strategies.

In the past, a good customer was someone who didn’t bargain too much, was loyal (almost always) and spent constantly and consistently. They were predictable, reliable and fair. However, with the rise of social media, hoteliers are being forced to re-evaluate how they interact with their customers, while revenue managers are looking at ways to incorporate this into their revenue management strategies.

JOSEPH EVE has built a Casino Platform on Intacct, a provider of cloud financial management and accounting services that is endorsed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). This white paper discusses the benefits & advantage to using JOSEPH EVE’s Casino Platform built on Intacct.

This survey was conducted in February 2012 over a one week period. The survey panel was internet-based. Respondents were first screened for age (>21 years old) and then asked if they had participated in a variety of forms of gaming in the last 12 months.

The player experience is the key to the success of any casino property, and the casino operator is constantly challenged with delivering an experience that is at once fun, compelling and dynamic for the player, yet also consistent across the casino floor. More importantly, the ability to create unique and dynamic content on the slot floor gives the operator the ability to differentiate the player experience from competitors.

In this GiGse interview with Marko Hietala, Chief Security Officer, RAY, discusses the regulatory landscape for online gaming in Finland, why RAY went online and much more.

In this GiGse interview with W. Ron Allen, chairman, Washington Indian Gaming Association, Allen discusses challenges and achievements in Indian country, Indian country's division on the i-gaming movement and much more.

Since the first merchants hired employees 2000 years ago, they likely had a problem with employees stealing money, merchandise and other types of fraud. In the last 20 years, operators have been installing better systems to manage their transactions and protect their assets. However, those systems are vulnerable and also need to be protected as there are individuals in the market place who are skilled in the art of manipulating them.