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April 1, 2011
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Ainsworth—World of Jackpots™

Ainsworth is proud to present World of JackpotsTM, the first ever jackpot super store! Showcased on the stunning new Super A560TM cabinet, this innovative new technology combines extraordinary player entertainment with ultimate operator flexibility. World of Jackpots is the first of its kind in the industry, not only offering different game titles, but more excitingly, offering players many different overall jackpot themes to choose from, bringing jackpot marketing to an entirely new level. This wonderfully dynamic jackpot environment is made possible with the release of the all new Super A560 Triple Screen technology. The additional third screen is not only distinctive looking to the player with its programmable LED lighting and unique shape, it provides dynamic signage allowing operators a simple, inexpensive and quick way to convert entire jackpot themes with simple game conversions. The extensive World of Jackpots product library provides super-store quantities of linked progressive-centric brands, launching with exhilarating themes; Players Paradise®, Lights Camera ActionTM,  Rio Grande RapidsTM, Jackpot ZoneTM and Rapid StrikeTM. For more information, visit


Cintas—Tile and Carpet Deep Cleaning Service

The Tile and Carpet Deep Cleaning Service from Cintas revitalizes floors to present guests with a strong first impression. The service uses a patent-pending high-pressure steam system to remove dirt and deep clean a variety of carpeted and hard-surface floor coverings in hotels and gaming facilities. The four-step deep cleaning process enables organizations to extend the life of their flooring with a regular maintenance program that assists in revitalizing floor conditions. Cintas’ comprehensive high-pressure steam rinse and soil removal revives tile and grout, while a hot-water extraction method is used to deep clean carpet, effectively removing residue left behind by other cleaning methods. Further, carpets are extracted using the Cintas Fast Dry method which allows carpets to dry in just a few hours and quickly returns facilities to regular operations. Unlike other cleaning services, Cintas’ trained experts arrive at the facility in a state-of-the-art mobile cleaning plant and always follow up 24 hours later to ensure customer satisfaction. For more information, visit


JCM Global—BlueWave 2.0

Ride the wave of high-speed data transfer with the new BlueWave 2.0 from JCM Global. This amazing handheld, portable tool is the perfect, easy way for you to load and upgrade your validator firmware right at the machine. The new BlueWave 2.0 is lightweight, powerful and easily connects to your JCM bill validators by USB or Serial. Plug in, load and get up and running again in seconds. The new BlueWave 2.0 enables slot techs to load firmware right at the machine, so validator updates are quick and easy. The unit was specially designed for an easy USB connection for JCM’s iVIZION®, TBV™, UBA® and Vega™ bill validators. There is an optional serial adapter for JCM’s DBV-3x®, EBA 3x™, Taiko™ and WBA® bill validators. BlueWave 2.0 has fast USB and Serial loads, resulting in greater bill validator uptime. BlueWave 2.0 is powered by two AA-size alkaline batteries, so there is no need to carry a unit charger, and easy-to-read LED battery charge indicators mean techs will always know their battery status. For more information, visit


M3 Technology Solutions—M3t Casino Solutions Kiosk®

The M3t Casino Solutions Kiosk® is designed to provide casino patrons easy access to multiple functions such as ATM, check cashing, credit card advance, bill breaking, player club enrollment with card issuance and ticket redemption. This model was designed to take the strain off the player’s club and cashiers and assist the patron in accessing funds in almost any way imaginable. The consolidation of these functions in one visually attractive unit marks the beginning of an era in which casinos will use a single kiosk unit to replace what is currently accomplished with two or three kiosks plus a long line at the player’s club.  The M3t Casino Solutions Kiosk® comes in several different models to meet the demands of even the most discerning casinos.  The external skin on the unit can be customized to provide a personalized feel for casino guests. This kiosk is fully integrated with the M3t Vault®, giving casino management a real-time view of all cash by denomination and the applicable statistics needed to make decisions on how much cash must be loaded in the unit at any point in time. For more information, visit



Quixant’s QXi-200 is the first gaming platform to utilize AMD’s new Fusion technology. Uniquely, AMD’s G-Series APU processors integrate onto a single chip both high performance 64-bit processor cores and the latest, cutting-edge graphics controller in the form of a Radeon™ HD6310 GPU. Never before has this level of performance and capability been available in a complete, integrated gaming platform. The major benefit of the Fusion technology is the excellent dual screen graphics and multimedia capability. The QXi-200 can effortlessly render advanced DirectX® 11 graphics while playing back high definition video streams. Quixant’s novel case design also enables a high reliability, totally fanless system. OpenGL® 4.1 and the exciting new OpenCL™ 1.1 standards are also supported. The QXi-200 has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the global slot machine market. It integrates all the necessary features such as dual bank SRAM, digital I/O, security, audio amplifier and is supported by a wide range of drivers and protocols, including SAS 6.02. The QXi-200 is designed to run from the standard cabinet 12V, removing the often unreliable “ATX” PSU required by other PC-based gaming platforms. The QXi-200 is backed up by 5+2 year availability. For more information, visit


Tyco Electronics—Elo TouchSystems 2242L Touchmonitor

The Elo TouchSystems 2242L, with IntelliTouch Plus surface acoustic wave (SAW) touch technology, is Tyco Electronics’ newest monitor compatible with the Windows 7 operating system additional qualifications (AQ) for multi-touch functionality. It has been available to select partners since early December 2010. Unique to the 2242L Windows 7 compatible touchmonitor is the use of Tyco Electronics’ IntelliTouch Plus product technology which, unlike other multi-touch systems, utilizes three axes of touch information to deliver sensitive, accurate, drift-free recordings of two simultaneous touch locations anywhere on the screen regardless of position or pressure applied. The IntelliTouch Plus touchmonitor utilizes pure-glass construction to deliver excellent imagery, high light transmissions and is not affected by variations in ambient or extreme light. It also supports finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation and features durable, scratch-resistant glass to assure continuous surface performance even if scratched. For more information, visit


Signs4U—Ultra Thin Gaming Sign

Signs4U has developed a revolutionary casino sign, the Ultra Thin Gaming Sign, and it is the perfect solution for your gaming floor. Thinner and lighter than any other sign, the Ultra Thin Gaming Sign is manufactured with high quality standards and materials. It also has low energy consumption due to its implementation of the latest LED technology. The sign comes in a high gloss finish in various colors and is single faced. There is a wide range of models and dimensions available, and the sign can be wall or leg mounted.  It features an LCD/LED TV and animated LED lights surrounding the display and replaceable graphic panels, created with customized artwork. And perhaps best of all, the Ultra Thin Gaming Sign is maintenance free. With this new Ultra Thin Sign Line, casino operators are able to maximize the impact of their jackpots with a minimum level of investment. The new manufacturing process reduces the cost of the sign, and shipping costs fall as well with the 50 percent reduction in weight. The addition of these signs is a great way to improve the gaming floor. For more information, visit



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